"JR Accounts have provided me with an excellent service and are very helpful with any queries I have."

Geraldine Vanancio
RBHW Consultancy Services Ltd
"Their professionalism was accompanied by discretion and friendly courtesy. We are happy to leave our accounts in their care."

Christine & Ettore Mo
"I find them to be very efficient and excellent. I use the services of JR Accounts for my personal matters and also recommend them to all my friends and family."

Suzan Mani
"I have remained with them for nearly 20 years. All the staff are very helpful and friendly. You will be very satisfied with the services they provide."

Matthew Citroen
Cranbrook Windows




"It's greatly satisfying to know that you are working with people who deliver."

Ahmad Daud
"Being German, the staff are able to speak slowly and clearly, so that I can follow easily. The advice I am given, is clear and the competence of the staff is extremely high.’"

Hansjurgen Bingel
"Even though my accounts cater for just one person, they have always been helpful, and provided a good service. I thoroughly recommend them."

Ian Monte
"A trustworthy, personalised and reliable service, which always aims to resolve any outstanding issues regarding my accounts. I feel like a very important client."

Charlotte Best
Best Initial Contact Ltd




"JR Accounts understands that the importance of providing quality services and building trust with clients is more important than money.’"

Rana Shahbaz
Mortgage Minds
"They are very approachable, they do a great job and have saved us lots of money over the years. We highly recommend them."

Alan & Eileen Purssord
"Their services are value for money, very professional and flexible. They always go out of their way to meet customer needs"

Sarah Nansukusa
Uganda Community Relief Association



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